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Recalibrate Laptop Battery

Calibrate your Laptop Battery!

If your laptop battery is struggling, it may just need calibrating to extend your battery life!

Laptop batteries contain a microprocessor and software which calculates the battery capacity during the charge/discharge process.
Batteries must be calibrated from time to time to ensure a full charge and discharge is achieved. Without this either the battery will discharge quicker (Because it was never fully charged in reality to begin with) or the estimated time remaining/percentage left will be inaccurate
You need to implement a full charge and discharge when you use the battery for the first time, and repeat this cycle every two or three months to continue to recalibrate your laptop battery.
The charge/discharge procedure is as follows:


Windows - Maximize your Laptop Battery life

Fully charge the battery
Set the Power Supply option first:
Right click on the desktop and select Properties, Screen Saver, Power, Power Schemes, Portable.
In all the subsequent settings such as "When Computer is" select Never. Under Alert option, deselect Alert for deficient battery and Alert for serious battery shortage. Ensure the hibernation option is off.
Disconnect the power adapter cord and use the battery until the computer shuts down due to lack of power.
It is necessary to ensure hibernation is turned off because the computer will otherwise ‘turn off’ before it’s reserves are completely empty. It does this to reserve a small amount of electricity to allow the computer to 'hibernate' for a period of time.
Connect the power adapter cord until the battery is charged to 100%.
Repeat steps 2-3 at least 4 times to optimize the performance. This process can take many hours.
Once this is done, set the Power Supply Options on your computer to the default value to ensure that the computer can send you correct alerts, for example, low battery alert, and an alert before the computer enters hibernation.

Mac (OSX)- Maximize your Laptop Battery life

Fully charge the battery

Leave the power cord connected for a couple of hours, you may use the computer as normal at this stage provided it stays plugged in.
Unplug the computer and use it as normal, run it as low as you can. Ensure you save your work before the computer turns off!
Let the computer turn off and leave it unplugged and off for at least 5 hours. This allows the computer to drain the battery reserve while its hibernating.
Plug the computer in and turn it on, allow it to fully charge before you disconnect the power cord - VERY IMPORTANT!. You can use your computer as normal during this time.

Repeat these steps at least 4 times to optimize the performance.

Sensible Do’s and Don'ts regarding Laptop Batteries!

If the battery is to be unused (ie the laptop etc is being stored or run solely from its power cord) for a month or longer then charge it to around 75%, remove it from the computer, and store it in a cool dry location.
After storage it is necessary to perform an effective charge/discharge cycle. Routine re-charging every month can help ensure proper storage status and a reasonable service life.
Do not short-circuit the battery. Short circuiting can cause serious damage to the battery.
Do not drop, knock or misuse the battery, they contain corrosive substances.
Do not expose the battery to a heat source or moisture.
Do not burn batteries. Exposing the battery to an extreme heat source may lead to explosion.
Do not attempt to disassemble, repair or alter the battery. Battery acid is extremely corrosive and dangerous. Do not pierce the battery with a pointed object.

Laptop Battery Life

It is difficult to estimate the operational time of a laptop battery.
The actual operation time depends on how much current is consumed by the device. The screen size, hard disk and other accessories may consume extra current and shorten the operation time. The total operation time of the battery also depends on the design of the device.
A typical battery is designed to power the computer for about two hours.
Reducing screen brightness, and setting the computer to ‘sleep’ during periods of inactivity can help your battery life.
The life of a battery is generally 300-400 charge cycles. Only a complete charge cycle counts when calculating battery life.
Poor contacts can make it impossible to charge the battery even if the communication data of the battery is readable. In this case, try removing and re-inserting the battery a few times.
If a laptop is used in a high-temperature environment for a long duration, the battery may disconnect for its own (and your!!) protection.

Calculating battery life

You can calculate the power consumed by your computer quite simply.
Generally, the power consumed by the computer is related to the size of the computer screen, CPU, memory, hard disk and the power saving design of the motherboard.
Generally the computer screen size is 10.4“, 13.3", 14" and 15", and the power consumed by a standby computer is about 12WH, 15WH, 18WH and 20WH respectively.
For example, if the computer has a 10.4" screen and a low-consumption CPU, the computer consumes about 12WH per hour of normal service.
The output power provided by a working battery is: Nominal voltage multiplied with the nominal capacity.
For example, if the battery is 11.1 V and 4400mAH nominally, the available power output is 48.8 WH, and the battery should run for about four hours.
The power consumed is also related to the running status of the computer.
If the computer is used for playing games or DVD's it will consume more power and the service duration of the battery is shortened accordingly.

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